Mobile & Web Based Apps

Marketing on the GO. Customized mobile applications enable you to make the best impression ~ around the clock. Consumers don’t wait until they get home to get online. They’re searching and ordering products throughout the day from tablets and i-phones– and they’re expecting the same functionality and user-friendly experience that they receive on their desktops.

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Custom Mobile Application - CMP

Concrete & Materials Placement (CMP) serves North and South Carolina with a large line of concrete pumps and placement booms. They can have 30+ jobs going on at any given moment. With more than 14 TYPES of equipment, it is not uncommon for construction contractors to order a specific pump – then get on the job site and realize that they ordered the wrong size pump. This scenario spawned CMP owner, Doug Doggett’s desire to develop an application that his clients can access from the field to preview specs of each pump, place their order and schedule delivery.  

Check out the animated commercial we made for the App as well!

Don’t miss an opportunity to reach prospects who are searching for you! We develop applications that ensure users receive the same high level of functionality across all platforms.

Interactive Mobile App - Black’s Electric

Blacks Electric, the Greenville based lighting and design company wanted to free their sales reps from physically brining potential buyers into their showroom and expand their overall reach.  The idea they came up with was a virtual lighting showroom that reps could walk customers through.  They called us to discuss the project and our thought was to make the web based app formatted to work really well on iPads so reps could take them into the field and work with their clients on the spot. Using some wonderful UI design principles and HTML5, the team put together a simple drag and drop interface.  When using the app, the reps started by picking from any of hundreds of room scenes that similarly matched the environment of the clients.  Then, with nearly all of the lighting products available, they decorate the room with with various fixtures.  In just a few moments time, the reps walk the customer through many lighting products and give the customer a great feel for how the particular lighting products would fit into the overall room design.  Once the client is happy, the rep hits the print list button and a pick list was generated to be used in the ordering process. Quick, efficient and incredibly powerful.  The Lighting Design App was a huge hit with the entire Blacks Electric team and their customers.  It’s a private app, but we’ll be happy to demo it for you.

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Mobile and Web Apps are powerful tools to build your business. Interested in learning more how they can work for you?