When You Want Tomorrow’s Web Design TODAY

What’s the point in building a website that looks like your competitor’s site? We are on top of the latest technology, platforms, design styles and coding languages like HTML5, PHP, .NET and more. We take into considerations the elements that will help you engage users, like conversion forms, calls to action, potentials for downloads, and lead gen opportunities. We don’t just build websites, we help set the strategy, then build the tools and content that will help you climb to the top of search and sell more of what you’ve got.

High Traffic, Large Scale WordPress Web Design: DECA

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Hello DECA!  What do you do when a client who typically has more than 180,000 unique visitors every month wants a new website? You are thankful, humbled, and you do what it takes to make it spectacular!!   We were invited by our super awesome agency partner, Fathom Creative to develop a new WordPress website for DECA. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, financing, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges worldwide.

Know Your Audience and Knock their Socks Off!

The best way to get a prospect’s attention? 1) Know their pain-points. 2) Tell them how YOU provide the solution. User profiling is a big part of what we do.

We study how your target audience responds to downloads, offers to purchase, contact forms, social engagements, etc. We get to know your clientele; then design campaigns, calls to action and interactive experiences tailored to them specifically. 

Interactive Dating Advice Website: Date Dialogue

Date Dialogue is a website for “all things dating.”  We wrote the content (including all of the blogs on the site) to engage various end-users who are searching online for certain topics, ie:  Is He Cheating?, Best Gift Ideas, Why is She Insecure?

We incorporated a survey that users can rate whether or not they believe another user will have a 2nd date or not, based on that users’ description of the date. We also created a questionnaire entitled “What Do Men Really Want?” and of course another entitle “What do Women Really Want?”

But!!  The main point of the website was to provide a source where a user can get answers to their dating questions in real-time.  Rather than search for articles that may or may not exist or match their situation, they can come to the forum and post their questions / experiences and get advice right then and there from other impartial users.

Pixel Perfect Designs | High Performance Code | Rock Solid Strategy

Lasso Moon takes designs and codes to the highest standards. This assures the best performance and highest level of customer engagement.  

CMP - Concrete and Materials Placement

In 2015 we moved CMPpumping.com to a new theme with Visual Composer integration.  The new theme enabled us to update the website with ease a few times a week in order to show the current projects they’re working on.

Serving 6 cities:  Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Greensboro, and Columbia, we wrote original copy for each city and dedicated it’s own page for that city.  In doing so, we were able to get CMP on the first page / first position in search results for terms “concrete pump.”  

Product Sales.... No Problem

E-Commerce enables companies to sell products anywhere in the world.  Our team designs and develops dynamic e-commerce sites and provides consultation on fulfillment, taxation and inventory management.

E-Commerce – Coral Coast

Coral Coast Clothing is the brainchild of two long-time friends in Bermuda. Their passion for quality men’s fashion was the inspiration for creating an online retail store to sell the apparel that they designed themselves. We were lucky to be invited in the early stages of their venture and helped create the voice, brand and an e-commerce website that reflects the high quality, yet relaxed charisma of the partners and their label.

Content Control is In Your Hands!

Your company shouldn’t have to rely on a web developer when you want to make updates to your website. We empower our clients with full control over the content on their sites. From blog articles, to pages, and product updates, you’ll have the ability to add and edit your website yourself.  We incorporate easy to use tools for laying out pages – and we teach you how to use them. 

Custom WordPress Web Design: ERT

ERT is a global organization, based in Philadelphia, PA, providing a combination of technology, services, and consulting to scientists and research analysts. Their products are used for experiments, studies, and analytics. ERT’s website did not engage viewers effectively.

Working with our partners Fathom Creative we developed ERT’s new website.

Click Here to read some of the challenges – followed by the solutions that made this a dynamic, fresh, modern website.

Don’t wait for technology to dictate what is possible on your website. Know what you want. We make it happen