4K Video Production Services

You could go with standard. Or you could choose a company that has the latest, most advanced equipment on the market – powered by a video production crew with over 20 years experience. There is a difference. A big one!

E-Commerce - Coral Coast Clothing


Coral Coast Clothing, based in Bermuda, offers hand sewn, quality men’s fashion. The owners created the line to offer an alternative to the khaki shorts and blue button-down shirts that had become the norm in Bermuda. The warm climate mandates a casual dress code, but that shouldn’t compromise style. Coral Coast Clothing is made in America with the highest quality fabrics. Their shirts are absolutely appropriate for the office, travel and nightlife. Our goal was to produce a video that illustrates this. We decided to create a “day in the life of the shirt.” Marc and Peggy didn’t just shoot, produce, and edit this video. They covered the role of “talent” themselves. (Hey, whatever it takes!) This was one FUN project. More please!!  

The story sells!

We do what it takes in order to help you tell your story. Do you have a product to sell? An announcement to make? A service that sets you apart from your competition? Video demonstrates how a product actually works, can incorporate moving graphics that break down complicated information and it provides insight into the business’ culture and values.

Drone Footage, CMP

Do you know what rocks about drone footage? EVERYTHING. Capturing video from the unique angles of an aerial drone provides an experience that we aren’t accustomed to seeing. Back in the days of television production, we had clients who would pay a mint for a helicopter to go up to get footage showcasing auto dealers vast inventory. The same was true for realtors wanting to show off waterfront properties. Now we have drones to efficiently capture professional footage for a fraction of the cost. Concrete & Materials Placement (CMP) has a fleet of telebelts, booms and trucks that provide placement of concrete. Because temperatures and weather conditions affect the process of concrete pumping, their crews typically work in the middle of the night. This provides challenges to capturing the magnificence of these pumps in action. Our crew was hired to produce a video to showcase the company’s capabilities, and highlight the size of their fleet. Utilizing drone footage, we were able to produce an impressive video that CMP uses on line and in customer presentations.

Kickstarter Video…TOBU Ping. The Worlds First Trackable Disc Golf Disc

For a business wishing to break into the market, nothing is more crucial than getting financial backing. Investors must believe a product has an overwhelming chance of success before they’ll part with their money. Our friends at TOBU didn’t want to get stuck in the piles of proposals on sharks’ desks. When they decided to apply for a kickstarter campaign, they wanted a video that quickly engaged potential investors, and pulled at the heartstrings of disc golf enthusiasts who were excited about their revolutionary new disc.   We needed them to invest in TOBU. And that – THEY DID! Their Kickstarter campaign Goal: $ 10,000. They raised: $10,964 )

Sales Support Video - Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Observer doesn’t just publish the newspaper. They have many publications that are distributed year round. Living Here is a hi-quality, full color, glossy guide with stories and articles about food, fashion, real estate and sporting events around Charlotte . As with all publications, advertisers are essential to covering the cost of production. The Observer hired us to produce a video that their sales team could use to show potential advertisers the types of industries featured in the publication; and to drive home the fact that it reaches 860,000 local consumers. We drove all over Charlotte capturing footage of our city’s venues, and supplemented with stock footage. The overall message is that anything exciting and relevant to the city and those living here are in this publication, with the closing line…”Will You Be In? Living Here.”


Video is Effective!

Video is the most effective way to present, and sell your product or service. Nothing captures your prospects attention better than video. We help you tell your story in your voice, keeping in line with your brand. We help you write your script, we produce, shoot and edit, all in-house – from start to finish.