Check Out the Latest Video We Produced for NCAA

By August 31, 2015Featured Work

The NCAA asked Lasso Moon to help them educate student athletes on the opportunities to get involved with SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.) We developed animation characters and settings to represent campus, conference and National levels of SAAC.

Each level provides a voice in decisions that impact student-athletes. Our job was to demonstrate how students can easily get involved at their campus level; and advocate for their campus to the SAAC conference level. The feedback is then reported to SAAC at the national level, which is composed of one student-athlete from each of the 32 Division I conferences. These 32 student-athletes are charged with the responsibility of relaying the student-athlete voice in the NCAA governance structure.

Because of the varying levels of committees, it would have been difficult to explain the process using on-camera talent or graphs and flow-charts. Animation allowed us to tell an engaging story from a college athlete’s perspective.

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