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Hummingbird Keeps Marketing Real

How does your website rank with search engines? Are your blogs being read? More important, are they being shared? If not, this may be due to Google’s hummingbird algorithm, but don’t fret. Those of us who create original content that is informative and relevant will be rewarded.

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing. You’ve seen it. Horribly written content that means nothing – but includes a lot of high-ranking search terms throughout. This tactic worked for a while. As Google “spiders” crawled websites, recognized these words, sites were pushed to the top – closer to the coveted space on page 1.   You didn’t necessarily need a strategy, proper grammar, or even engaging content, after all, Google wasn’t a literary buff.

Until now. Google went to school, and not only learned to read, Google recognizes good content – even better, it recognizes words that are synonymous with the topic of you content. Google knows when you’re telling a story that has value. While strategic content is what is needed to engage your prospects in the first place, it’s also what those rascally crawlers expect.

Now, if you have “that guy” overseas that writes your content and / or manages your SEO, congratulations!! Surely you got a great deal. Just make sure he can write fluid content. Search engines no longer look for individual words or key phrases. They’re matching the meanings of phrases with concepts. You won’t be rewarded for using those words and phrases if they’re not relevant. In fact, if you aren’t making an honest attempt to sell your marketing message with true content, you will actually be penalized. So, keep it true. You can’t fool google any more. Hummingbird is making sure of it.

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