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How to Stay Current and Active with Your Social Posts

Staying active with your social posts online and engaging your prospects is important.   Social sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram are quick and easy avenues that can lead new customers right to your doorstep.  You just have to commit to a schedul


It’s imperative to increasing your visibility.

“It takes too much time, and I get distracted from my daily tasks,” you say.

I’m going to tell you how to make the time without sacrificing your daily to-do list.  Are you ready?


Yes, that coveted day where you get the free pass to play, veg or catch up on housework.  The day you give yourself permission to tune out the bottom line, forget about that cranky co-worker, and abstain from obsessing about a new prospect you just HAVE to close.  If you’re like me, you’re thinking about these things anyway, so, here’s my solution.


I get up earlier than I’d prefer one Saturday a month. I brew a larger than normal pot of coffee and I research and write.  I’m not pressed for time.  I’m relaxed and words tend to flow freely.  I load up hootsuite for the next four weeks, decide the topics I’ll write about in my blogs for the month, and THEN, I actually feel like I earned that free pass to relax for the rest of the weekend.  By choosing the topics for my blog ahead of time, it gives me plenty of time to think it through, and if I run across an article or white paper that just so happens to be in line with my topic, I file it away.  By the time I’m ready to write the blog, I have an arsenal of information from which to pull.


For me, the process makes facing Monday morning a whole lot easier!


This is not to say you can take your eye off the ball.  You should still participate in online conversations, re-tweet, like, re-post, share, join new groups and follow others.  But, if we’re honest with ourselves, this only takes a couple of minutes each day.


(It’s something you should do anyway if you want to stay current with what’s happening in your industry.)


Of course, if something relevant and exciting happens in your field, you should be the first to rush to that laptop and tell the world about it.


“That would just put me behind again,” you’re probably thinking…


Nope. The post that you wrote on Saturday can now be used another day. AND, you just got ahead with that timely and brilliant article or post by being the authority on a hot topic.

If your weekend is out of the question, choose an evening, or sacrifice a few lunch outings and write at your desk.


The point is to stay ahead of it.  Stay relevant and still include timely posts.  By getting a head start, you’re ensuring a decent amount of consistency so that when you get in the middle of one of those weeks when you don’t have a second to spare – your social presence is not compromised.  One Saturday a month…It’s worth the effort!

Easy, right??

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