Unboxing Videos… What Are They?

There is a new trend in online video


We ran across the term “Unboxing” recently and were amused that it’s actually “a thing.”  But, we get why it is.

Basically, it’s a person recording themselves while opening a new product and pulling it out of its original packaging to showcase the contents as-is.

I think it’s a brilliant way for retailers to tie into our emotions.  For example, if you channel the excitement we all felt as a child when there were beautifully wrapped gifts just waiting for us to open on our birthday…

We ripped that paper off, opened the box as quickly as possible and proceeded to show our friends the coveted new toy (and all of the cool features.)

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Today this elation still exists ~ just in a delayed gratification if we make purchases online

…and have to wait for shipping.

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So unboxing is great for people like me!!  If I’m excited about my purchase, I’m probably going to dig for as much info on it to keep the exhilaration factor going until it arrives.  What they’re doing in some unboxing videos is  unwrapping piece by piece, opening the boxes, pulling out the contents one by one, and talking about each piece, or the whole object in the same fashion as a baseball announcer giving a play-by-play.  It’s engaging.  It’s fun to watch.

And, It’s More Than Featuring Products… 

Unboxing Therapy, is a YouTube channel dedicated to just that.  They’ve tapped into the pure delight of taking a new product out of the box, but they’re not limited to the box.

Check out their unboxing video featuring a new sports store:  SportCheck.

Now, I’m not so sure this qualifies as unboxing.  I mean, it’s an entire store.  But I’m just here to research the phenomena – not define it.  Besides, the name of the video is “The World’s Largest Unboxing Video,” so, I had to include it, right?

The host showcases all the high-tech features and interactive activities that their customer demographic will appreciate; while the Canadian store promotes the name brands it carries. The music and editing cuts are upbeat. It’s a smart way to appeal to someone who already loves what they offer, and an amazing way to capture the attention of a new prospect all-together.

What do you think?  Do you have a product or service that could benefit from an unboxing video?

Sara, our Copywriter did some research and made a short list of what you’ll need in order for your video to be a hit.

Sara’s Tips For Effective Unboxing Videos:

Be Sure To Have A Cool Unique Item

If you are going to showcase an item make sure it is something not a lot of people have – or it is something that is going to be all the rage. For instance an I-phone 7 or, I don’t know – a robot that brings you a chicken biscuit and a glass of wine within 5 minutes, or your order is free.

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Have A Sense of Humor.

Be funny when introducing your product or service to the world. Everyone loves to laugh. And when you do reach someone through humor, they’re more likely to share your video with their friends and family.

Be Creative.  Spare Nothing When it Comes to Engaging the Viewer

Make it interesting! Upbeat music, video and photos, cool talent – or at least a professional voice over talent, text headlines to reiterate the announcer, and calls to action help the viewer stay engaged.  You are far more likely to become the authority in your industry with a video that includes these than the stick in the mud who just talks on cam for 5 minutes.  (zzzzzz….no thanks!)

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So, now that we have an understanding of WHAT “unboxing” is, (it’s really what we’ve done for years, but with a new vogue twist) I say let’s do it!!!  Are you ready for your “unboxing video?”

Videos can be easy to create with the right help!  If you’d like to produce an unboxing video, Let’s Talk!!!  

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