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Online video increases sales.  Let me explain why.  Remember when you had to dress, drive and browse the isles to make a purchase at a brick and mortar?  I grew up in the Sears catalogue era and for a time, Sears was the only option for viewing and making a purchase without driving to the mall or nearest shopping center.  I would browse that catalogue for hours, circling the clothes I wanted for school, and then dog-earing pages with the dollhouses and weeble-wobbles that I wanted for Christmas.

Now, we shop for homes, cars and shoes right from the comfort of our home – or on our lunch break at work.  As we’ve become more accustomed to the conveniences of the Internet, we expect our experience to get bigger and better.  Enter the visually appeasing and engaging option of online video.  It’s only natural that video is the catalyst for helping B2B and B2C companies sell more products and services online.  With video, we’re not “limited” to a one-dimensional image of a product.  We don’t just depend on the “Mission Statement” typed in text to determine whether or not we want to do business with someone.  Online video allows us to view product demonstrations and client testimonials to help us determine with whom we’ll spend our money.

Those who are taking advantage of online video are seeing an increase in sales at unprecedented rates.  How are companies like StacksandStacks increasing their “add to cart” rate as much as 144%? VIDEO!  Let us help you increase sales!

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