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Will Online Marketing Take Over Television Advertising?

Will Online Marketing Take Over Television Advertising?

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Television has given marketers the power to significantly raise awareness of products and create brand loyalty since the very first commercial that aired in 1941.    Television’s influence still exists today, even though the Internet has taken the spotlight.  If traditional media executives play smart, they won’t be abandoned by long-time loyal clients who want to dip their toe in the world-wide waters of online marketing.  Successful TV reps will act as the catalyst for helping their existing clients tap into this space.  Those who view the Internet as competition and ignore the opportunities for their clients, will fail. I am PRO TV advertising.  I produced commercials for two network stations for a combined 12 years, and continue to do so for my clients to this day. I am also PRO Internet Marketing.  I believe the two CAN and SHOULD co-exist.    

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tvHere’s the thing.  Television is here.  Is it here to stay?  Surely.  Is it bound to be commercial free?  Signs are indicating this, but we don’t know for sure. While consumers still tune in to watch their favorite programs and newscasts, they’re also spending up to 12 hours a day plugged in to their computers and smart phones.  Advertisers are getting in front of consumers in this space, not just with static ads, but with video.  And it’s working.   Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years.   Budgets will need to be adjusted for businesses who wish to reach their demographic online.  It’s only logical to assume that companies will eventually move those dollars – or at least a portion – from their television ad spend – to online campaigns.


How do TV reps keep that share of the ad spend?

It’s quite simple, really. 

Reps need to get their head around digital marketing, and educate their clients on how to utilize it within their existing strategies. 

TV stations that roll with the punches and ensure that their advertisers are getting the best ROI on television, while helping their clients move into the digital marketing space will keep their client base.

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The problem?  (And this is NOT meant to insult TV sales reps!!!  My friends in the business have been the first to agree with me here.)  A majority of television reps, along with other traditional mediums, like newspapers and radio haven’t embraced online marketing. They haven’t had to.  They’ve been successful doing what they do.  They know their business and have made a great living helping their clients gain visibility through those respective means of advertising.  They’ve seen results and have grown.  So….


Why change?

To put it bluntly:  THEY HAVE TO in order to survive.  The Internet is not going away.  Yes, the digital space can be a lot to absorb for those who’re just now entering this space (especially for traditional sales reps who must continue to meet their existing monthly sales quotas.)  I get it!!  It’s more work and no one wants to show up late to the party.

Seriously, what’s the alternative?  Pretend it’s not happening?

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 Middle-aged business partners

There are various ways traditional media reps can increase their profits quickly by embracing digital marketing and helping their clients understand it themselves.  Traditional advertisers may be reluctant to move into this space – but maybe not so reluctant if their trusted television rep helps them navigate it. There are core reason why reps will not only keep their share of the marketing dollars – but actually increase their client’s spend. My advice to my traditional brothers and sisters in the marketing world, get on board or be left behind. 

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