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Quit Buying Fake Likes and Followers

You Can Buy Your Friends.  Beware: You’ll Lose the Real Ones.

PLEASE – QUIT buying followers and likes online!  You are getting screwed!!!

Here is a very good explanation.  

PLEASE WATCH if you’re considering buying followers!!!  Click to watch.

It makes absolute sense –

Good content, a relevant topic – a trending subject, where applicable – and video if you can – WILL yield results.

Over the past few years, I spent hours upon hours convincing prospects that I can increase their online presence.  The time it takes to earn a client’s business – which typically closes with a non-celebratory: “We’ll see how it goes,” is well worth it when I have a client who trusts the “Social Media System” and we end up growing at a steady pace. 

Then there are those “Go-Getter – Excited – Ready to take on the world – Awesome, Entrepreneurs” that I LOVE and want to partner with…  

– who totally F*** Up – And undo months of strategy with a cheap offer from a click bank for “likes.” If you didn’t watch the ritasim video – Please do now.  Click here!!

(I have no affiliation with this guy – I’ve never heard of him until he produced the video – but I’ve known that buying “likes” was detrimental. And his study explains why.)

If you write and produce content that is timely and relevant – it will work out.  

You shouldn’t buy “likes” b/c it waters down your audience.  

If you did buy likes – and later recognize your mistake – and decide to do it the right way through purchasing the “boost” or “promote” through facebook – well, facebook is still serving that to your fake likes who aren’t going to open it or click on it.  

The more your post is served, the higher expectation Facebook has for your results.  No clicks or shares?  Facebook sees you as irrelevant and isn’t going to show your post to more people. 

These may be the people – the real prospects whom you could have converted into a client.

You can’t cheat the system.  If you want people to think you have 2000 followers, when you really only have 50, you’re doing yourself a dis-service.  Those 50 followers that you earned may never see your message in a big pool of 2000 followers.  

Facebook serves your post to a pool of your followers.  If there is engagement (a like or share, or a comment) then facebook does another round of serving your post to another group.  If there is engagement, your group expands, and more people see it.    

So, those 2000 likes or followers you bought for “appearance sake” (are so far gone and will never click on your posts again) were not only a waste of money – but they’re absolutely hindering your ability to grow through social media.

We all want a bargain.  Fake likes and followers aren’t the answer.  They may appear to be the quick fix, when in fact; they’re a long-term problem.

A big problem.

Stop and think.  If you’re a successful businessperson, I imagine, strategy got you where you are today.  Keep thinking strategically when it comes to marketing.  There is no quick fix from click banks.  Smart marketing WINS online, now.

Are you ready to use social media the right way? Lasso Moon is ready to partner with you and increase your online presence.  Just send us an email  and we’ll take it from there!!  

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